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Union of opposites

For me, this year has amplified the union of opposites.

I welcomed quarantine because it aligned with my New Year's resolution for solitude. Although I had forewarned my circle that I would be off the grid to give my yoga teaching certification my all, I was no longer inclined to hide from invites to prioritize me time. Eventually, the socially distanced invites that came my way were welcomed because I could be fully present.

Earning my yoga teaching credentials was a grit that I hadn't experienced since grad school. But this was hard mentally and physically. I shed negative emotions, tendencies, grudges, disappointments, animal products by and large, and pounds. At the same time, I softened and gained clarity, understanding, friendships, purpose, and an even greater sense of self.

The union of opposites becomes so clear when reflecting on the hard and soft moments of life. Opposites pull us together. They are necessary to both stretch wide and grow tall. Like in chair pose when we reach our fingertips to the sky while sinking our knees toward the earth into a squat -and- in warrior two pose when we extend one arm back toward the past while reaching the other arm forward focusing on the future. We can both:

- Stay woke and get rest

- Be uncomfortable with and accept change

- Work hard and show compassion with coworkers

- Feel sad that we lost someone who died and be grateful that they could reunite with other loved ones in Heaven

- Reap our blessings and give to those less fortunate

- Exercise our right to vote and detach from the outcome

Like a magnet being attracted to its opposite pull, our inner being experiences balance when we lean into opposites instead of resisting.

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